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    "I'm lucky to have girls like these as sisters. I can't wait to live with my best friends in 1401 College in a little over a week!" -Morgan…
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    As the last session of freshman orientation begins, our SGL's are so happy to welcome the class of 2019! #CampCrimson #OKUsession
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    So proud of our sister Kaleigh who was chosen as a summer intern for the Governor of Oklahoma! #SisterSpotlight
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    Share a Coke with an Alpha Phi on this warm and sunny Wednesday! ❤️
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    We are so proud of our sister, Emily Hager, for her Human Resources internship this summer at Devon Energy Center. She has such a bright…
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    Missing our lovely #PhisOverSeas today! Although we miss our sisters, we are so happy that they are spending their summer breaks elsewhere…
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    Distance means so little when your sisters mean so much #AlwaysOUAphi #Sisterhood
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