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    Happy September from our lovely sisters - We hope you have a wonderful month!
  • 1064067916565332789_273219367
    5 days until the first game day! We cannot wait to cheer on our Sooners! ❤️
  • 1061717799245988325_273219367
    "I went Alpha Phi because I felt so welcomed and comfortable there especially because I know my sister and all of her friends will have my…
  • 1060474292522991932_273219367
    Sweet times & sweeter sisters!! We had so much fun at the Back to school Bash 🍥💗
  • 1059479892661649803_273219367
    Can't believe this was a week ago!
  • 1057444117271036856_273219367
    We wish we could live this day all over again because we are so happy these sisters are HOME! Welcome to 1401 College, PC 15'! You are…
  • 1056119873761198498_273219367
    We loved going into the city last night for dinner! 🍕 Can't wait for many more fun nights to come
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